Milan Steinhauer & Annekathrin Meinzer

By July 8, 2019

POC converting an existing EDW into new technologies


Like many other insurance companies in the market, ROLAND is facing increasing requirements for a data warehouse, e.g. fulfilment of GDPR as well as more flexibility and scalabiltiy. ROLAND takes this challenge and is working on transforming the existing data warehouse into new (cloud based) technologies. Data vault also takes a key role in this context. For choosing the right technologies, ROLAND tried three different solutions within a proof of concept.


In this presentation we will talk about how we set up our project for choosing the technology and what challenges we met on our way.

About us

Milan Steinhauer and Annekathrin Meinzer are responsible for the ongoing project at ROLAND Rechtsschutz-Versicherungs-AG.
Milan is a member within the BICC Team and Annekathrin is a project manager at ROLAND Rechtsschutz.


– AWS Cloud
– Telekom Cloud
– RedShift
– Snowflake
– Cloudera

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Thursday, September 12th
POC converting existing an EDW into new technologies

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