Matthias Wegner

By July 18, 2019

Data Vault + GDPR at


Matthias Wegner is senior technical consultant for Data Warehouse platforms. He initiated and implemented Data Wareouse platforms for multiple projects and customers in Germany using Data Vault and Talend as the main toolsets.  Providing a tailored set of standards and best practices for all aspects of a Data Warehouse project is one of his main missions.
Matthias is Head of BI at cimt AG – IT consulting since 5 years.
Currently he works as the architect for the Data Warehouse of where the concept of encryption of data for GDPR was developed and implemented.



In this case study we will give you an overview of the data warehouse migration project at You will see how we address GDPR requirements and which role Talend plays in this project. We’ll also show how easy it is to virtualize the access layer through the database switch to Exasol.

· Data Warehouse state-of-the-art, overview and source landscape
· Full Data Vault architecture
· Team setting
· Toolset (Talend, Exasol, Confluence)
· Loading procedures with Talend / Exasol – ELT
· GDPR requirements
· Encryption architecture and decryption approach on the fly in Exasol
· Lessons learned

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Wednesday, September 11th
Data Vault + GDPR at

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