Matthias Reiß

By July 12, 2019

A day at the data lake

Matthias Reiß is a Senior Client Technical Professional within the IBM Cloud and Cognitive Technical Sales Team in Germany.He has more than 15 years experience in Analytics and data integration projects in heterogeneous environments.

A day at the Data Lake – Get your data working in your Data Lake and beyond
Catch the big fish faster. Get the most out of your data in your Data Lake and all the data stores connected to it.Imagine how you can easily combine the different data formats in your lake with other relational and non-relational Data Stores within one single query.

– IBMs common and hybrid SQL Engine
– Data Virtualization
– Data Caching
– Polymorphic Table Functions (i. e. Apache Spark Integration)

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Thursday, September 12th
A day at the Data Lake

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