Francesco Puppini

By April 30, 2019

Francesco Puppini

Time travel using Qlik on Data Vault





Information Marts are designed to make it easy for end users to consume data, no matter if it’s via a language, a cube or a BI tool. But when it comes to reading directly from the Business Data Vault, things become a bit more complicated. Satellites are capturing all the changes of a hub over time, and in some cases the end users may want to explore these changes in detail. With Qlik, thanks to the Associative Engine, it is possible to capture all the changes into a dashboard, and give to the end users the possibility to interactively choose a Point In Time. The presentation will include a live demo: how to travel in time by simply moving a slider.

What you will learn

  • The 3 main Qlik products: QlikView, Qlik Sense, Qlik Core. Brief explanation of the differences
  • The “Associative Engine” of Qlik
  • The SET Analysis: a powerful tool for filtering
  • How to use the SET Analysis on slowly changing dimensions
  • How to maximize the power of the Data Vault PIT information
  • How the dashboard end users can interactively travel in time across the Data Vault


Francesco Puppini is an Italian freelance consultant in Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing. He has worked on over 30 different projects across 10 Countries of Europe, for clients from several industry sectors. He is currently working as a Qlik specialist, after 18 years spent on Business Objects, SQL, Teradata and Data Modeling.



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Thursday, September 12th
Time travel using Qlik on Data Vault