Dr. Alexander Brunner

By June 17, 2019

Analysis and Presentation of Blockchain Data in Real-time


In this state-of-the art use case, the Data Vault 2.0 Business Intelligence is applied to extract Information from Etherium-blockchain data in near real-time. Thereby, the ingestion of semi-structured data is covered as well its processing on an MPP-system. In addition, the talk provides tips and tricks for Greenplum databases.


With extensive experience in Information Technology stretching over more than 10 years, Dr. Alexander Brunner is a Scalefree Partner for the finance sector since October 2018. As a senior IT- and financial risk management professional, he has expertise in conducting technical- as well as business-driven projects at investment banks, credit banks, state-owned banks and real-estate banks. He has focused on the introduction of risk management systems, financial engineering (robo-advisory) and advising financial institutions to meet regulatory requirements regarding liquidity- and market risk.

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Friday, September 13th
Analysis and Presentation of Blockchain Data in Real-time