Data Vault Games with Cindi

By August 21, 2019

Cynthia Meyersohn

C​indi has worked in a variety of IT realms over the past 35 years and, as of 2018, had spent the last 17 years working in applications and data engineering development within the U.S. DoD. As a Data Vault 2.0 (DV2) Solution Architect and Certified Instructor, her responsibilities and expertise range from the design, development, implementation, and technical guidance of Enterprise Data Warehouse/Big Data builds to crafting processes surrounding data acquisition and ingest, data governance and Master Data Management policy and compliance, development and team leadership.

Cindi has spent the past seven years leading the architectural design, implementation, and development of Data Vault 2.0 solutions at the U.S. DoD and Department of State. She is a Certified Authorized Data Vault 2.0 Instructor.

Cindi holds a MS in Systems Engineering from George Washington University and a BS in Information Systems from Strayer University.

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Wednesday, September 11th

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