Christian Kurze

By August 13, 2019

MongoDB: A general purpose, distributed, and highly scalable data platform for modern applications



The database for modern applications: MongoDB is a general purpose, document-based, distributed database built for modern application developers and for the cloud era. No database is more productive to use.
MongoDB emerged into a general purpose database that easily allows to build globally distributed data platforms that are highly available and scale almost indefinitely. While NoSQL is still considered as a “new” technology, many of the fortune 1000 companies already migrated mission-critical workloads and decided to use MongoDB as a strategic data platform.

Due to its flexibility, the JSON-based document model support a bandwidth of use cases, like Single View, Internet of Things, Mobile, Real-Time Applications, Personalization, Content Management, Catalogs and Mainframe Offloading.

This presentation provides and overview of MongoDB, the document model, and how data can be accessed in many different ways via native drivers in almost any programming language, but also connectors like Spark or R and even SQL. A practical example shows how to use MongoDB for Data Vault creation in the insurance industry.


Christian spent the last couple of years on data management and data integration in order to generate value out of data. In MongoDB he works as a Principal Solutions Architect. Prior to joining MongoDB, he worked on data virtualization, data warehousing and active metadata management. He holds a PhD in data warehouse automation.

What you will learn

  • Comparison of the document model vs. the relational model
  • Native high availability, horizontal scalability, workload isolation and data locality
  • Deployment agnostic: on-prem, hybrid, cloud, Kubernetes
  • Additional features for rich data usage like S3-based data lake access, full-text search, access by analytical tools, etc.
  • Example how to build a Data Vault in MongoDB



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Friday, September 13th
MongoDB: A general purpose, distributed, and highly scalable data platform for modern applications

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