Bill Inmon

By May 7, 2019

Bill Inmon

Modern data architecture



Data Vault is but the latest branch of an ongoing evolution of data architecture. From the early IBM mainframe has sprung a sophisticated architecture that today includes Data Vault, data warehouse and other elements of architecture. Surprisingly, the biggest impediment to the architectural evolution has been the IT department.

This presentation discusses the evolution of data architecture – its past, its present and its future, along with the forces that move and shape that evolution.

What you will learn

  • The complacency of the IT department
  • Where we are going next – text, text, everywhere text
  • Who the buyer is in the organization – it’s not IT
  • Where does Data Vault fit in


Bill Inmon – father of data warehouse – has published 59 books and has had translations done in 9 languages. One of Bill’s books has sold over 500,000 copies worldwide. Bill has developed textual disambiguation, which allows text to be translated into a standard data base format. He is a Best-Selling Author & Scalefree Advisory Board Member.



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Thursday, September 12th
Modern data architecture